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How Does Know Rare Find Clinical Studies for You?

All clinical studies shown on Know Rare come directly from ClinicalTrials.gov, which is the FDA database of all registered clinical studies in the US and in locations around the world. The Know Rare study finder tool sorts through all the clinical studies investigating new treatments in the disease area you are requesting.

What happens when you submit your contact information to inquire about a study?

You will be contacted by a Know Rare Patient Advocate who will ask you about yourself and outline the requirements of the study. You will decide whether you fit the study and if you want to participate.

What happens if you want to participate, but aren’t sure about all the requirements?

You can download and print the information about the study and share with your doctor, and contact us if you are eligible.

What happens next if the Patient Advocate confirms you match the study requirements and you want to participate?

The Patient Advocate will connect with the researchers and schedule a call for you to speak with them. They may ask you about your medical history, and ask you to come in for a visit at the research center. You are NOT automatically enrolled in the study. You are under no obligation to participate, and the call is just for you and the researchers to meet.

What happens when I come in for a visit at the research center?

First all aspects of participating will be presented to you, and are encouraged to ask any questions about the study. You will be asked to sign the ‘Informed Consent’ as your agreement to participate in study. Then, further testing or a physical examination from the study doctors may be conducted.

What happens if the nearest research center is not near me?

If the study is a sponsored study, the Patient Advocate can let the study team know your location. It is likely the sponsor will help you with travel and compensate you for travel time and expenses.

What happens if contact the study team at the research center but then change my mind and don’t want to participate in the study?

There is no obligation to participate in the study. Even after you sign the agreement to participate, you can decide to stop at any time.

What happens if I have questions about the study, who do I ask?

The study team encourages you to ask any and all questions so you will feel reassured about participation.


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